Nominations for BSDH Executive Committee 2018

Nominations are encouraged from enthusiastic and motivated Members of BSDH who are interested in joining the Executive Committee. Once again the Committee are looking to widen the Executive Membership base, encouraging nominations from across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Although the roles are voluntary it is expected that Committee Members will make themselves available and contribute to the meetings held throughout the year in London. Executive Committee Members who will need to travel significant distances to attend the meetings will be able to claim reasonable overnight hotel expenses from the Society. 

The role of the Executive Committee is to set and implement the strategy of the Society on behalf of the Members. There is a need for the nomination of Members who are able to offer a variety of skills and experience, as committee functions include administration, organisation and promotion of; the Society, the Membership, Society awards, scientific meetings, the Society’s aims within the profession, establishing links with voluntary organisations and other agencies, representing the Society at scientific and political forums, maintaining the website and encouraging education and research in the field of Special Care Dentistry.

Members who wish to apply for a position on the Executive Committee are required to complete the nomination form.  All nominations are to be received by Friday 23rdNovember 2018.

At the AGM those who have been nominated will be required to give a short verbal appraisal, in person, to the Membership of what they can bring to the Society’s Committee before a vote is held.